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Bring together 244 Countries (C.T.I) to achieve HUMAN UNITY

My dear other selves around the world, after seeing my Facebook other selves poor response to this Petition, I've found that the world doesn't want UN to controll the world under the mask of Peace and Agenda 21. There is a lot of Negativity towards UN today, this is why on this day 8 March, 2015 I've DECIDED to go ahead without involving UN or any Government, unless it comes with transparency and an unconditional outside support voluntarily following the CHARTER of Golden Change Foundation. http://GoldenChange-Foundation.org

Auro Galaxy Auro Immortality (AGAI) Twin Universal Eco-Floating Cities

1. AGAI is possessed by none and enjoyed by all, in the Multiple Oneness of the Divine Consciousness.

2. All those who are ready for unconditional love and a complete Surrender to the multiple One Consciousness are welcome to live in AGAI.

3. AGAI is a Universal floating cities on the sea, that aim at progressive unfolding of the spirit through an unending education, psychic youth, towards the genetic engineering and mutation of death in the fourth dimension of the cellular consciousness.

4. AGAI will be a cradle of New Age and New Species, taking advantage of all the technology, boldly spring towards the inevitable future of love and oneness through the magic of our golden change.

5. AGAI will be a pioneering cities on the Sea towards immortality, and the Life Divine. Transformation of the human into the Divine by the Divine Consciousness.


(Golden Change Foundation from INDIA sent a proposal in September, 2014, inviting UN to bring together 193 UN Member States to achieve HUMAN UNITY and allow to experiment in a New -World Order by means of CONSCIOUSNESS, a new Socio-Economic research without MONEY dealings, by supporting to create a place upon EARTH that no Nation could claim as its sole property. AURO GALAXY (AG) AURO IMMORTALITY (AI) - Twin Universal Eco-Floating Cities in the nobody's land of the International waters of the sea that belong to Nobody in particular but to Humanity as a whole.)

GCF Proposal to UN http://goo.gl/kssNNK

UN Reply with encouraging Guide lines to forward the Proposal as per their protocol ...




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