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Montgomery County schools and CPS at odds over children walking?

Montgomery County schools: Elementary Students walk up to 1.1 miles

According to the Montgomery County School policies, elementary school children are not provided bus service and are to walk to and from school (absent special circumstances listed) if within 1.0* mile (* add 0.1 miles) (click the link, above, to read for yourself).  Why then is CPS investigating this family?  Danielle and Alex Meitiv met Monday with CPS in what we hope is their final interaction on THIS investigation.  BUT, they were told by CPS, if their children are out walking outside without supervision, they can and will be subject to another investigation! This must stop - for this family and for all other families, when their children are doing nothing more than playing or walking outside alone (or with other children)! The Meitivs also met with David DeLugas, Esq., the Executive Director of the National Association of Parents, pictured here. Please share this Campaign with your friends and urge them to sign the petition and to donate to the legal fund to end this nonsense for the Meitiv family and for other families!

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