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How can they shoot a Giraffe, the most adorable and gentle Animal of Africa?

It's time to stop them. Now!

"Double signatures" operation - easier than drink a coffe!   

How can they shoot to a Giraffe, the most adorable and gentle Animal of Africa? 

We cannot wait more! We have to act now. Look at this report: http://www.giraffeconservation.org/giraffe_facts....

The indignation is not enough, we have to take an action! This is a crime against humanity! These animals are the heritage of humankind and should be protected even in private area!

We got now 225,000 signatures on our Petition "No Safari", 35,000 new signatures in last 3 weeks, to stop any kind of Safari hunting and poaching in Africa. 

Thank you for supporting us and African Animals. 

We have to get 1 million!

Please copy and paste on your wall and share with your best friends: 

"I love giraffes, gorillas, elephants, lions, zebras, rhinos, leopards and any wild African animals. We can stop any Safari hunting and poaching in Africa please sign the Petition: http://qr2.co/nj75zhz

Is it possible in 2014 to shoot to a Giraffe, a Rhino, a Lion, a Zebra, a Leopard, an Elephant?

Help AnimalsTrust to stop all types of Safari, except photographic ones, and stop any poaching, signing our Petition: http://qr2.co/nj75zhz and Join to dedicated Facebook Group to give us more strength and International weight: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nosafari/ and to AnimalsTrust official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/animalstrust

Please follow AnimalsTrust even on Twitter: https://twitter.com/animalstrust

To become an AnimalsTrust member and figth with us for Animals rights you can go to this page: http://www.animalstrust.org/?page_id=1088

We are building an International network of Animals lovers. 

We need your support to stop all African Animals slaughters.

All African countries will gain a great benefit!

Yes we can Stop them, but only All together!   

Thank you,   www.animalstrust.org - the animals' voice!   

P.S. We just launched with our Ambassador in Kenya, Mr. Alfred Kipelian, the new petition "SAVE MAASAI LAND, CULTURE AND ANIMALS". 

Stand for Maasai. 

This is not only a battle to save millions Animals but a battle even for human rights to save Maasai culture, traditions and Animals.


How you can help

Kill these wild animals for a so-called "sport" does not help and give benefits anyone. All these African countries can have more and more benefits from tourism by increasing the possibilities of photographic Safari where all these wild animals are respected. This is a battle for all of us, these animals should be saved and protected at all costs. I invite you to sign this petition and share it…

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