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Call to Action!

Hi all thank you for continuing to give us your support! As you may have heard or seen by now, president Obama and Members of Congress had nothing to say or even mention the 10 million Americans sleeping on the streets. Because of this we have a Petition going on the WhiteHouse;s website asking for President Obama to pass Joanna Nordness' National Houseless Bill of Rights by excutive order or using any influance he has over congress to pass it and send it to his desk. 82 signutes gets us a relpy from the WhiteHouse and 99,966 gets the National Houseless Bill of Rights on his Agenda. We need this by the dead line of 1/31/2015. Please help and share the following links with your friends and get them on board! Thank you! 

Petition Barak Obama: http://wh.gov/iYe3L

read the National Houseless Bill of Rights


Anthony Potter , Houseless Activist

Get to Know Joanna

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