Update #2 ·


i just reactivated this petition for the sake of TRUTH. I have not even pushed it out to the public and so far its getting about 50 sigs a week. Not too bad! 

Sgt. Charles Dyer is located in Lexington Oklahoma. If you want to write to him, please be sure to mention you found his info on the Deborah Swan's petition. This will help build up his trust with my help again. Charles Dyer has been told so many lies about my efforts and his own mother has also denied my help. Anyhow thanks for spreading this message. If we can get the attention Charles needs to  get this to the news, then we might have a chance for him. Thanks for caring! Power in numbers! 


Charles Dyer # 0659682

Lexington 15151 Highway 39

Lexington, OK, 

73051 Phone

(405) 527-5676

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