Update #2 ·

Update #2

Dear Supporters of the Arunachala World Heritage Site Initiative,

As always, I deeply appreciate your signing this petition. The show of support has been truly inspirational.

I apologize for not giving you updates more regularly. Part of the reason is that I have no major milestones to report. However, I want to reassure you that myself and other volunteers have been continuing to work on several fronts to move this initiative forward towards our goal.

In the meantime, this petition continues to gather signatures, and I have been pointing key influential people to it to establish the credibility of the initiative and importance of the cause.  

A companion effort for Arunachala conservation has been gaining momentum. I mentioned this in the last update. We are developing a mobile phone app to support preservation activities at Arunachala. It is called the “eGuide to Arunachala Giripradakshina”. See http://eguidegp.wordpress.com.

The eGuide will provide devotees and visitors with multimedia content about each of the sacred points of interest (temples, lingams, etc.) around the entire Giripradakshina path. Content relevant to each particular point of interest will be launched automatically once the user’s GPS detects that they have arrived there. Money collected from the purchase of the eGuide and a donation feature within it will fund activities to preserve and protect Arunachala. Thus, the eGuide will provide a sustainable, stable source of revenue for preservation activities.  This is necessary whether Arunachala has achieved World Heritage Site status or not.

Thank you.

Peter Berking

Chief Coordinator for the Arunachala World Heritage Site Initiative

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