Faiz Langsang Person

I won't get bother if the zoo explains to hold the creature down for educational purpose but you really to see its backstage somehow like giving a grade to a restaurant whether its clean and good. Reports on the creature having misbehaving behaviour has directly shown us the intolerant part of the creature itself with the environment its having. Cause to cause they have found the main aspect or reason for the creature to behave such is due to intolerance to man and its living routine and space. Reluctantly, the aggressive behaviour can frown not be observed anymore which we may need to preserve.
Educational I stand but if can't even take care of little things? I'm sorry but we really need to let go of the fella. If the fella is happy s hell in the zoo,i wouldn't mind for the zoo to keep it. But in this case,he wants to move on its own n we really have to let him go n if other cause is causing this manner besides free space. Then it can be tolerated once before freeing the creature and keep it in the zoo but for now, let's refix things. Quality.

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