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My Father was a NYC Police Officer back in the 60's. I remember my father telling me there was a burning building and he heard someone screaming inside the building. The fire dept was not there yet. My Father risked his life and ran into that burning building and pulled the man out. Unfortunately the man passed away. My Father risked his life for another ! With out hesitation ! For that My Father will Always Be My Hero ! There is Good & Evil in every profession. When you commit a crime you should be prepared to pay the price for what lies ahead. You can't possibly think when you decide to commit a crime it's OK and their are no consequences Everyone has to follow the Law ! This is unacceptable for anyone to make Death Threats to Anyone on Face Book and They should be arrested for that. This Should not be a Black & White issue. To me it is when you brake the Law you are putting your self in a situation that can become dangerous. So you know anything can happen when that crime is being committed you are not only putting your own Life in danger You are putting a Police Officer's Life in Danger. Why should My Father or anyone Else's Father, Sister or Brother have to Die because Someone wants to Brake the Law and after braking the Law make it a Black & White issue ? You need to take responsibility for the crime you commit ! God Bless All Our Police Officer's !

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