Anthony Potter
Anthony Potter campaign leader

It was early morning or late night, I could tell, there were no stars or moon. I had been woken by the rain drops falling on my blankets over my ears. They had gotten harder and closer between the drops. I thought to myself looking around if we should move to higher ground or cover. The walk would be 10 minutes, we would have to pack everything up. I laid down hoping to not waking the beautiful woman next to me. At that point I heard thunder in the distance and no mountains on the horizon. Very noticeable with them being 7000+ feet. The ground was moist, the blankets damp. The smell of fluoride in the air had been replaced with a fresh water scent. Holiday lights flashed on and off trying to spread the holiday cheer not being felt by those out side in the cold. So I made the decision and woke my love up, we quickly packed up and moved to the nearest place we could find a dry spot. There we were surrounded by traffic and flood lights, no trespassing signs, not a very welcoming spot, but its dry and worth a good night sleep, even if it means a cop giving us a ticket.

These were are options a sidewalk where anything can happen on a given night, a tunnel, an alley or hidden. The space although not inviting , was warm, dry, and the gray brick was only comforting to us with the help of two blankets. The rain hit hart , the rain picked up, other who had been in the area also began to gather. The rain started to come down again, this time in a drizzle.
We walk slowly through the rain, past the houses all looking rustic and colorful, not surprising in a historical neighborhood, which reads quietly no poor people allowed. As we get closer to downtown the energy changes to a gloom as recent events has cause a hamper on the houseless community. People greet us and want to talk about how its continuing. We march forward wishing for a spot to be alone, we also march for a quick cheap filler of food. Anything you can fill up on for the day on less than $4 if you want to make it through the month. If you have higher food quality and nutrients, this is not the state for you. This is a food desert brought to you by Monsanto. We look for a place to sit. Its still raining so we want a place dry. No where to be found out side. We head for the library, the savior of the houseless population in Arizona come hot summer sun or cold rainy winter days. A place to get online, learn a hobby or read a book.
The hard part about getting a hobby, is you have no funds, you have no resources so you need to use what ever is at your disposable. A paper , a pencil, maybe your food wrappers. A question forms in my head , how is it with what you can carry on your person, maybe $15 at most, and access to a computer 4 hours a day, and a piece of scrap paper or a golf pencil, how is it you can make a living for your self. How can you make yourself presentable for a job interview if you are working with limited donated clothes, most not even close to work casual. You can walk a mile and get some food, not necessarily healthy, not even close, most not even filling, you can walk a mile and get hygiene items or clothes a shower is still a miracle at the most more than twice a week. Most using a restaurant bathroom or a public fountain. Today I fell tired, not filling like I have a chance to change the world when I cant stop the crop dusting or making see the mass population know that we don't have places to sleep legally, we don't have a place to clean up, we want healthy food choices not slop as Tom puts it. We deserve this because its a human right, we need equal buying power, to have constant government and private sector restrictions on us.

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