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The law is failing to adequately protect animals/pets and ensure that the punishment administered to those responsible for acts of cruelty towards them fits the crime.

A couple who left a dog to die in a sewage filled garden and tried to kill the dog by giving it paracetamol and chicken bones were fined £720 between them and banned from having a dog for 10 years. What do they have to do to an animal to be punished! This is not acceptable, and unfortunately happening too often.

According to the Government "Powers for local authorities and police to investigate and take action in cases of suspected cruelty are provided in the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Under the 2006 Act, the maximum penalty for causing unnecessary suffering is a fine of £20,000 or six months imprisonment, or both. In addition, the court can impose post-conviction penalties on anyone found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal by disqualifying anyone from having any influence over the keeping of animals for as long as the court see fit."

What would you have to do to an animal to be fined £20,000? Trying to kill it with paracetamol, chicken bones, leaving in sewage and not feeding it, isn’t severe enough? The dog was euthanized as it was in so much pain and its condition was so bad.

All too often abusers of family pets and domestic animals are “getting away with murder". A ban and/or fine is insufficient. There is no excuse.

We would like to see the current law amended and the term of imprisonment increased to 2 years at the very least, bringing it in line with other serious criminal offences. There should be a minimum sentence of 6 months imprisonment and a minimum fine of £5000, how else in this day and age are we to stop such heinous acts of abuse, when the punishment is only a fine of £720 and not being able to own a dog for a few years.

Surely an animal’s life is worth more.


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