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The Fisheries Council Will Meet in One Week

Please act to protect essential fish habitat, and invite others to join with us for the fishes. The Fisheries Council will decide next week whether or not to open up areas that have been closed to commercial fishing since 1998.  Called the Western Gulf of Maine Closure Area, these are places of active stewardship and research of fish habitats (biological oceanography, fisheries biology, and ecosystem analysis).  Vital places that provide near pristine refuge and nurseries for fish include Jeffery’s Ledge and Cashes Ledge, as well as eastern portions of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.  Some fishermen believe opening up these Closure Areas will enable them to catch more fish, especially the cod.  However, most fishermen understand that providing refuge for fish from trawling gives the fish population a chance to recover before being fished outside the area.  These fishermen, who want sustainable fisheries to pass on to the next generation, need your support by signing on to our campaign.


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