Anthony Potter
Anthony Potter campaign leader

The lack of privacy of homeless life.
I once told people that the only difference between those in homes and those homeless was the privacy of four walls. This is true, but also lacking are showers, storage, a safe place to be, and a restroom. All of things are basic human needs to help us rest, work and have security. Many people pay top dollar for security to protect many useless material things they think people less fortunate would take. When in truth many people that are homeless have lived so long without stuff, if you offered to purchase something that could make their life's better and provide them with sustainable income, they would need lots of time to think, because they have learned to live without stuff.

Yet privacy is about more than just wanting solitude, but security. Your home is your sanctuary no matter if its in a wash, a tunnel, a domicile or a vehicle. They may not have walls, but to just let yourself in and wonder around their camp, is disrespectful, inconsiderate and home invasion! This is not something any homeless person would take lightly , just as you would not if you came home to someone who let themselves into your home , uninvited. This of course happens, because government workers feel public land isn't there for the purpose of giving a safe place for someone with no place. Other homeless with separate morals may come to visit a friend, when he is not home and sit in his place, hoping he comes home soon. Others will steal items to take to their camps. Other people feeling the homeless are a threat to their own financial security may come and destroy the camp or beat the person if they find them there. For all these reasons, a camp will be hidden from view.
Leaving a gift near the camp is welcome, but be sure to leave a note, so the person knows its for them and not something being stored or something someone lost. Because it may stay there. If you are invited, stay a distance until your met, or come to the camp with them. Never tell where the camp is.
The nice part of having a place or knowing others with a place is good for safety, is good for emergency.
What makes you homeless? Not having a lease, not having a deed. Many living in a camp, will not consider themselves homeless. Many people living in motels do, as do people staying on a friend or family members couch, but the government doesn't count these people. Anything Homeless people do, people do in the privacy of walls, so who are homeless people? They are our siblings, our cousins, are aunts and uncles, our parents, our grandparents, our children and grandchildren. Maybe even you and me. respect is given and received, it goes along way. tread lite and show love. That is the word of every spiritual leader who were homeless themselves.



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