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Video appeal from Pauline to Enda Kenny Prime Minister of Ireland

Appeal sent to Enda Kenny Prime Minister of Ireland on October 30,2014.


The video (below) of my sister Pauline was recorded on October 15, 2014.  Pauline asks for the return of her passport every day and in her beautiful innocence, she asks any and every "official" she sees for her "passport please".  I have been informed that recently she has been naming you Enda Kenny and in this short video she asks you personally for her "passport please".  Will you now at least do one thing right... and honor my sister's request to you by returning her passport XXXXXXXXX which your government should never have taken off her in the first place?


Do you think it would be too much for us to ask that our family which you have kept apart for 3 Christmas's in a row now, might actually be allowed to spend the upcoming holiday season together?

Author: William Conboy (Liam/YoYo)


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