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Look how many SCHOOL SHOOTINGS we have had since Sandy Hook and Newtown -- I saw the number on TV today and it was something like around 140. Now they are obviously mostly NOT of the MAGNITUDE of those. But nowhere in the world does anybody in the globe have this. The Second Amendment gives Americans the right to have guns. But the qualifying language about the necessity for having s militia also clearly gives the government the ability to regulate guns. Neither machine guns, such as Uzis, nor some of those automatic weapons are needed either for self protection or hunting. In fact, even the National Rifle Association used to be for background checks/ In fact the NRA used to criticize Democratic administrations for not cracking down enough on convicted felons WHO HAD GUNS. So what changed? That one is very simple. Wayne LaPierre, who runs the NRA and is its political strategist now also works for the gun industry that manufactures guns.

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