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Is this culture or Commerce? The exploitation of temple and festive elephants for profit in the name of culture and religion has come under scrutiny, as the welfare of these intelligent animals are being neglected. Indeed these animals are being deprived of their basic necessities such as food, and water, and they have been robbed of their basic freedom to mate and wander freely.

Although Asian Elephants have been elevated to the status of India's heritage animal and Kerala's symbol, and considered by many Hindus as the embodiment of Lord Ganesh, they are being subjected to gross neglect and brutality. Our exclusive behind the scenes footage during a recent trip to Kerala reveal fatigued elephants with serious injuries on their legs, ulcers on their back, and the most pathetic and inhumane sight was that of a blind elephant in the processions (called mahouts in India). This was filmed by For the Love of Elephants Director Sangita Iyer, and edited by Technical Director Maneesh Malhotra.

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