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Video from FBI & Texas State researchers on the media's role in shooting prevention (Click this update to stay subscribed)

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The FBI has started a "Don't Name Them" campaign, joining those calling for the media to change their coverage. Click here for more information and video (we all love videos).

Based on a collaboration with Texas State University, this research is solidifying support for the effect that seems obvious - that these incidents are on the rise because shooters find inspiration in past killings. Andre Simmons, a supervisor in the FBI’s behavioral unit is convinced: “The copycat phenomenon is real.” 

With your help, this cause will continue to gather momentum, and eventually you'll be given an opportunity to join onto a larger group as the push for an evolution in media ethics solidifies, through boycotts or appeals to organizations who publish media ethics standards.

What you can do NOW:

  • Contact media outlets to tell them you support their reevaluation of today's media ethics
  • Comment on related stories, linking to evidence, videos, and this or other campaigns
  • Tell others how to show their support, by spreading the word via email, facebook, or in person by mentioning petition.ungenda.com (this site's shortcut)

Happy Holidays, and thanks for your support on this common sense, bi-partisan issue!

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