Chantel Williams, Fight for $15

Fast food workers are STRIKING to call on their billion dollar bosses to pay a living wage of $15 an hour and support a union.

They'll be shutting down McDonald's and other fast food chains in 190 cities across the country.

Can you take one minute right now to let fast food workers know that you have their back by sharing this?

Two years ago this movement started with just a few dozen fast food workers in New York.

They called us crazy.

They said we couldn't win.

They were wrong.

Today we're national. Scratch that. We're international. We're bigger than ever. $15 an hour is law in Seattle and San Francisco, and thousands of workers across the country are joining the fight and calling for fair pay.

We can't let up now: Let striking workers know you support them right now.

We're in this fight for the long haul, and need to show the world that not only are there thousands of workers standing up for their rights – there are many, many more people across the country who are standing with us. That's where YOU come in.

Thanks for taking a stand with us. We'll be in touch with more soon!


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McDonald's is the world's second biggest employer – but they consistently underpay workers, accused even of withholding pay and forcing us to work in illegally dangerous conditions.  They're the world's biggest food supplier – but they consistently poison public trust by dodging taxes and pushing off costs onto public coffers. It has to stop – NOW. I worked at a McDonald's in Brazil for a year…

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Let's make New York the first state in the union with a $15 wage for fast-food workers. GAME CHANGER: Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to dramatically raise pay for hundreds of thousands of fast-food workers across New York state. This is what happens when workers join together, go on strike, and demand $15.  Our two and a half year movement for $15 and union rights has changed the…

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McDonald's should do everything in its power to ensure that employees are paid the wage they deserve – and ensure that employees are allowed to organize a union to prevent future abuses. From Olympic sponsorships to private planes, McDonald's is willing to spend piles of money on everything but the employees who do the everyday work that earns McDonald's a profit. It's time for McDonald's to…

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