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TODAY, the people have spoken. Loudly and clearly. 

TODAY, Climate Reality combined over 17,000 signatures from here on Causes with over 109,00 official statements from everyday Americans on our website supporting the EPA's Clean Power Plan and a healthy future for us all.  

TODAY these 126,138 citizens have helped the United States take an unprecedented first step toward regulating the dirty power plants responsible for 40 percent of the country's carbon pollution.  

TODAY, the UN Climate Change Conference begins in Lima, Peru, the first stop on the road to Paris and an international agreement to address climate change. And TODAY, the world knows the US is serious about taking action.  

TODAY we celebrate, because with the Clean Power Plan in place, the US can once again lead the world in climate action and bring nations together in Paris to create the historic agreement on carbon reduction we need. Today isn't the end of a successful campaign.  

TODAY is just the beginning of something much, much bigger.  

Ken Berlin, 

President & CEO
The Climate Reality Project  

TODAY - Make a donation and help us mobilize, train, and add more voices to the 126,138 fighting for a better tomorrow.

Campaign won!

As you already know, carbon pollution is driving climate change, transforming our weather, disrupting our lives, and threatening our future. We cannot afford to live in a world with unregulated, unchecked carbon pollution like we do today. The fact is 40 percent of the carbon pollution emitted in the U.S. comes from power plants -- and that's just too much. But here's the thing: we can do…

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The Social Cost of Carbon estimates the monetary damages that result from carbon pollution – essentially putting a value on the effects of climate change that are already costing us today. The Obama Administration requires agencies to factor in these damages when making new policies. After careful scientific analysis, the current estimate was increased to $37 per ton of carbon pollution. But…

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