A title doesnt mean leader, a heart is what means a leader. Actions speak louder than words and the president has given terrible actions. Many of his words have been lies, some of it he hasn't even taken any action. He took no action to help school students like he spoke of in his first election. Obama has simply given speeches and promises that he hasn't stuck to. He hasn't told the people the full details of the truth until after his goal carries through. Obama has gone against the constitution, rights, and ignored the voice of the people. He tried to take away right to protection. It's been very suspicious since he has lied when he has tried to do things, such as take away rights to protection. The president says it will save more lives but you have to wonder what secret he's hiding and what the motive really is, more control? He didn't give all the secrets about the health insurance until that passed and thats the pattern. He says what he can to convince and once it goes through he carries on with his plan and reveals more of the full truth. It's very sad the president gives speeches that makes it sound like his motive is to break everyone one apart and make everyone enemies. One common speech is speech he gives trying to convince the world actions are done out of racism and bringing up the past. His real motive should be to create more harmony and peace. Also he's forced stuff into law, now hes trying to make immigration legal on his own and still ignoring the voice of the people. Clinton was impeached in the past for very similar actions and for simply lying. How is it clinton can't get by with it and this one is getting by with it? The president should not only listen to the people, be honest, as well as take action, but also be an example. Why is it that if the people don't follow their duties they get fired and the president is getting by with it? Why is it that if a citizen breaks a law they get punished but the presidents breaking laws and getting by with it then doing more and more? There's rules for every position and laws apply to EVERYONE.

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