Curtis Bizelli
Curtis Bizelli campaign leader

I set out to take on the world like any teenager. This is me and my best friend at his wedding rehearsal. I was his best man. (a lot of memories). I was 20 years old. (10 years ago) ... and I would soon find that life was a lot harder than I had imagined. My bipolarism turned into alcoholism. Living in housing away from my hometown down in a town infected with drugs and drama. But ALL ALONG I MAINTAINED THE IDENTITY THAT I WAS A CHILD OF A KING WITH BIG DREAMS!

Now looking back at 30 years old, I'm 6 months clean & sober, regularly attending my psychiatrist appointments for the last 10 years. I'VE LOST OUT ON A LOT. I don't want to lose out on anymore just because somebody thought they could come in and guardian my life or lock me up in a mental institution.

On my meds, I'm sane. Not a threat to anyone, and I love my work from home in Marketing, Media and PR. I've been able to chat with some major celebrities; pretty cool!

What's the point of this rambling? ITS THE "PURSUIT" OF HAPPINESS ... Right down to the "letters" ... Curt Bizelli's life could be taken away from him if you don't sign this petition!

My mother and dead beat dad (separated) have conspired to do whatever to takes to bring HELL to my life, by issuing court orders, suing me, whatever the "heck" they CAN DO IN THIS SCREWED UP JUSTICE SYSTEM! Let's prove to them that there are still people who believe in the Backbone of Freedom as well as a court system that does not trample on human rights! THAT'S ALL!

I pray y'all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
God bless,
*Kirk aka Curt Bizelli

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