Update #2 ·

the total 3,090 involved

i know with the holidays everybodys busy and the wolves are the last thing on your minds but theyre the first thing on mine,were getting where we need to be and we still need to keep getting signatures and i appreciate all the work you are all doing to help the wolves be safe ,but we stillneed  signatures bring them em in folks share share share get your friends involved ,the wolves still need our help drastically ,with 17 packs being killed in wisconsin alone this year and thats just one state with minnesota,montana,idaho,etc,still hunting with poachers involved in wyoming,and the idaho festival hunt i know was out lawed but you know will still happen despite court order ,bottom line peopleis HELP THE WOLVES NOT ME THE WOLVES IMJUSTA VOICE FOR THEM  THANK YOU AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS 

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