Jeff Charlie Selin
Jeff Charlie Selin campaign leader

without a family structure in place the wolves will not survive,the wolves are somuch like man ,they mate for life and kill to feed the pack (family) and is no threat to man ,man has to go hunting the wolf by means of traps ,dogs and snares and gassing dens tokill the babys ,thewolf plays a very large role in management of our enviroment and eco system by killing off the wolves man is killing himself at the same time ,17 packs have already been killed in wisconsin alone this year and thats not including the other hunt states,the ranchers claim that the wolves kill a very large percentage of their livestock ,in reality its only 1%,the remaining falls on the duties of the rancher,not thewolf not to mention their livestock is on public land,some of the time the ranchers will mutilate their weak or diseased animals to claim a it as a wolf kill to gain federal funding as well as wisconsin pays for dogs lost in a hunt that was killed by a wolf IN A TRAP ,these are old dogs and so the hunter gains approx. $5,000 in state funds for his loss something is definately wrong with this system lets fix it before its too late thankyou



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