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Latest News on TWA Flight 800, Eyewitness to Plane Crash speaks out on latest appointment of Chief Safety Officer to MTA

Here's what TWA Flight 800 Eyewitness #571 (Mike Wire) has to say about David Mayer's appointment as Chief Safety Officer to the MTA: As a key eye witness to the downing of Flight 800 in 1996, I have personally heard Mr. Meyer deliberately omit evidence, bend the truth, to change the outcome of the deaths of 230 people, whose families were depending on him to tell the truth to find out way their love ones perished. Mr. Hank Hughes has personally observed him altering evidenc...e tags to change the locations of crucial evidence in the case. It is in my opinion as a rider on the MTA that placing him in this position would be gross negligence on the part of the Board of the MTA. I would appreciate it if you could present Mr. Hughes affidavit to the Board before any final decision is made on his appointment. It is better to find out that he is not the person to put in charge of your passengers safety before something happens, than after.

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