Tatiana Ivanova
Tatiana Ivanova campaign leader

I live in Russia and animal abuse and neglect here is almost as bad as in China.

All our land turtles are at the brink of extinction and in the Russian Red Book of Endangered Species.

Every year poachers capture thousands of land turtles in their natural habitat (deserts and steppes of Asia), wrap them in sticky tape to keep head and legs inside the shell and throw into potato sacks - they literally treat these gentle living beings worse than potatoes! Many of those turtles are just few days old hatchlings! Then these sacks are thrown into van without any caution and driven to our Russian (Ukrainian, Belarus too) markets and pet shops.

Most of those poor turtles die during this journey, the few ones who survived may face even worse fate - they're sold for a very low price to people who buy them as a toy for their kids. Those kids often throw turtles, step on them, do any wild thing they want because they treat them like toys and also think that their shell is unbreakable. Adults never care because they consider turtles living toys too especially because of their low price. Lots of turtles die every day of wounds and diseases caused by abuse and neglect of those cruel people

To keep turtles as pets these must be 1) terrarium big enough for comfortable walking of turtle; 2) light bulb for warm; 3) UV-lamp for calcium to digest well; 4) right nutrition - only grass and vegetables for land turtles, NO HUMAN FOOD! 5) sepia for strong shell and bones; 6) turtles must never walk on the floor in the flat!

Turtles who are unlucky to become pets in our country very rare get any of these conditions right, usually they just die neglected under the coach.

Even when in some few cases these conditions are observed, it's wrong to buy an animal, which is at the verge of extinction because of human greed, to make it your pet. And there are a lot of turtles just thrown in the streets by their ex-owners who decided that to keep them longer will be a nuisance.

This is terrible and must stop immediately. Petition in Russian you can see here is an appeal to our Russian government, which describes all the abuse of turtles in our country and contains ideas how to fix it and also prevent contraband i.e. save land turtles from complete extinction.

Please sign the petition, help us reach the goal and stop turtles contraband - for good!

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