Hi- i had NO clue,- that the goose where alowed to live on AFTER the the feathers was plucked- i thourght that they then were slaugtered as food ! - BUT if its REALLY the pure fact- that they live on to freeze - it sounds like goddamned torture ! AND....im of the opinion , that we should- if possible- (like if we have the money) only eat vegetable´s maybe a little fish, a little egg´s but thats it ! Let the Bison Roam the Prarie, and the wolf roam the mountains - and stop the nasty greedy meat/Burger/Profit/poison/NonFood ! and lets get our Mother earth up and fuctioning again- on HER terms- in HER shadow of RESPECT- she DO keep us alive with an Ecosystem like NO other places in our Solar System - and we are SO goddamned close to shut all her vital organs DOWN ! AND.... If she dies.... WE all Dies ! What is it that you just dont get ??? So let those sweet sweet little Gooze´s alone- and let them do there OWN little Gooze-thing ! And stay AWAY ! Do you hear me ? Stay AWAY , from those fine fine Gooze´s !


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