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Twitterstorm: Just say NO, IndieGoGo!

We have received over 3,861 signatures for our petition to Indiegogo, asking them to remove the AFDI's campaign to spread hatred across NYC through crowd-funded bus ads.

We emailed Indiegogo and visited the Indiegogo offices in SF where we showed them that this campaign was in direct violation of their own stated Terms and Conditions, which claim to create a safe environment free of hate-speech and discriminatory campaigns.

While the AFDI's campaign fell short of its mark, we never received any response nor action from Indiegogo to acknowledge or remove this hateful campaign. 

Help us tell Indiegogo that crowdfunding is for innovation and progress, not hate!

Tweet to Indiegogo, telling them to stand up and say "NO!" to campaigns propagating hatred and discrimination.

Click below to tweet to your followers:

@Indiegogo, stick to your Terms and Conditions and ban the use of #crowdfunding to spread #ADFI hate! #SAYNOINDIEGOGO via @codepink

Comment on Indiegogo's Facebook page:


"Indiegogo, say it ain't so. You claim to be innovative, but the AFDI's hate campaign has got to go! Slava Rubin CEO, Say no to racist hate campaigns! http://oncaus.es/1x4GCCP


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