This is a devastating misunderstanding of a breed of animal that does not deserve to be put to death simply for being labelled ‘aggressive’. It is not the breed of animal that is the problem it is those persons who train pit bulls to be vicious not the other way around. Pit bull puppies, who have not even had a chance to live, get put down in Ontario simply for being pit bulls. I had the most loving and kind hearted pit bull, who has since passed away from old age. He was very friendly and loving with our cat and never had any incidences of aggression. He was a dog, like any other breed of dog, who wanted love and gave unconditional love back. That is how they are born. Dogs are trained into aggressiveness with the owners of people who treat these dogs aggressively. Owners should be screened before being allowed a dog so that we are sure they will go to a good home and get the start and life they deserve.


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