Update #1 ·

The USDA is now IGNORING some violations - one more action needed!

This is no joke! Please read the linked press release for details and contact information. Send an email, make a call or write a letter demanding accountability. http://www.maal.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/USD...

A postcard mailing campaign started before the news above, called Accountability Now, has had over 40,000 postcards sent from across the country. To add your voice, please send a letter or postcard to Tom Vilsack and/or your elected officials in Congress. The postcards have read as follows:


USDA Inspectors MUST enforce the Animal Welfare Act to the fullest extent the law allows. Direct violations must be correctly issued.

The USDA has been extremely negligent over the years in its enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act as it pertains to commercial breeders and brokers.

4x6 postcards are 34 cents; 5x7 are 49 cents. 

Thanks to everyone taking the time to sign, share, write or call. As people say when they fully understand the USDA's role in animal abuse, "this is not a cause, it's a crime." Share with others that this is legalized animal cruelty.


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