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This is one of the things that has stuck with me for yrs...animals dying from flea products. A few yrs back, I personally had a batch of kittens develop neurological problems and die as a result of using another topical flea med. It was completely devastating to stand by, all I could do was watch, as these precious babies died as a result from my concern to help them stay healthy by trying to get rid of fleas the safest way I thought possible, back then. Both of these brands, my old vet, Dr Angela Rose, from Rogers Arkansas was interviewed on CNN trying to get the word out to the public of how these two brands in particular had caused so many deaths, even in her small home town practice. If she saw so many deaths due to these two flea products alone in the small town of Rogers Arkansas, you can well imagine there have been multitudes of other deaths related to these two products across the USA. As if that were not enough, the interview she did was at least 10 yrs ago, and in all of this time neither company has made a move to either reformulate or remove from sale, their flea products and the deaths just keep on occurring. Obviously they have a friend in the FDA as they have made no moves to remove this from being sold!

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