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Less than two weeks left!

Hello Art of Education community!

Did you know that there are less than TWO WEEKS left in the Kris Wine Art of Education Grant Program? This is getting exciting!

Things to do before October 31st:

  1. Keep voting every day for your school
  2. Keep sharing and reminding your friends, family, and community to vote every day
  3. Return to this campaign and tell us: “Yes, I completed my pledge!”
  4. Tell us who you voted for on Twitter (@KAIPS) and why you want them to win

We've been watching this competition grow since day one and it has been absolutely amazing to see the numbers of votes jump up and up as schools have rallied support around their arts programs. Teachers and parents have taken to social media and newsletters to spread the word, and we've even seen several dedicated folks send out a daily reminder to their friends to just vote. It’s this type of community that grows up around the high quality arts education of our students that we live for and we are proud to be a part of.  So, to all of you who have participated in the Art of Education Grant: Well Done! You have an amazing commitment to promoting your students’ access to art in public schools and we can’t thank you enough for joining the cause. 

Now there’s still 11 days left in the competition which, as anyone in the social media realm will tell you, means that anything is possible! If your school is slipping lower in the voting tallies – send out a call through different platforms! Tell you school to email families! Submit a note to your town’s local newspaper or Patch! The main point is: a lot can happen in the next couple days and we've seen it!

In the next 11 days, we’d also really like to see you all come back here and let us know that you completed your pledge! Come click that “pledge completed” button and then send us a tweet (@KAIPS) or leave us a message on our main wall letting us know who you've been voting for and why. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Best of luck to all participating schools and their supporters! Keep voting every day until October 31st!


Meg & the Keep the Arts in Public Schools Team


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