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I'm totally an animal lover. I would love to have a business for stray dogs & cats. To care for them until a home is found. I did that long ago & ended up adopting a few to add to my own crew. 5 cats Then I moved up a ways 11 yrs ago.
We moved with 5 cats. We then went to a rescue shelter and adopted two black labs mixed with Rhodesian Ridgeback. And beautiful dogs they are. Now they are 9 years old. They all got along just fine. The kitties got older well...all lived 15-17 & had a VERY good upbringing & home. Everyone who knows me say.."when I come back in my next life I want to be your pet" And I'm not kidding! Now I have 4 dogs - my designer dogs-2 Blk Labs/Rhodesian Ridgeback LUCY & RICKY. Then someone asked us to find a home for 2 Beagles. Well that's what we did. And that's how I ended up with 4 dogs.❤️



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