Orange for Animal Cruelty Awareness

We the undersigned demand a full investigation is held on the owner of a severely neglected Dog that was seen in Bucoda Washington.
Photos of the poor Dog can be seen here >>

Animal advocates' worst fears have been confirmed for a dog they were trying to help in Bucoda, Washington: the dog was allegedly shot by his owner after he was made aware of animal cruelty concerns.

Did someone tip off the owner instead of trying to help the dog? How is this not animal cruelty? The animal loving community is outraged - and they want to see that justice is served for this poor dog.

A witness stated yesterday that the dog was wandering the town of Bucoda, covered in parasites and feces, missing half of his hair (either due to shaving or mange – this is unclear), and struggling to walk.

According to Purple Heart Rescue, it has been confirmed that this dog was shot by his owner.
TRACY L CAMPION - Seattle Pets Examiner

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