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Stop LAUSD from Victimizing Students Again

A recent news report by KNBC4 indicated that attorneys for LAUSD are preparing to release the names of victims who are undocumented in ongoing child abuse civil cases (video: http://bit.ly/1sVZ7rW). Putting children, who were already victimized, in harm's way is antithetical to the charge of any public institution, let alone a school district.  These type of shameful tactics must stop now.  

Tell the LAUSD School Board to stop: Contact their Executive Officer Jefferson Crain at 213-241-7002 or [email protected].

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We call on our nation's leading prosecutors to investigate Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Superintendent John Deasy and district senior officials over the disclosure that LAUSD officials destroyed documents on over 2,000 cases of sexual abuse at Los Angeles schools. Furthermore, we call on our chief prosecutors to file criminal charges against any LAUSD official who ordered and/or…

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See LA Times article "LAUSD Must Pay $1.4 Million to Girl Sexually Abused by Classmate here: https://bit.ly/1dWFEOy.  See contact information for LAUSD Board Members here: https://bit.ly/HQlZ7j. Parents at Superior St. School are urging the public to join us in sending a clear message to the seven members of the LAUSD Board of Education, and school districts throughout California, by signing…

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As California law is currently written, a school teacher who has sexually or physically abused students can use the rules to their advantage to resign before being fired in order to keep their retirement benefits, even if they are later prosecuted by law enforcement for their crimes. The parents and concerned people who make up CALIFORNIANS FOR SAFE SCHOOLS find such abuse of children and the…

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