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Don't Adults Owe School Girls like Malala a Safe Environment to Learn and Grow In?

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Malala's co-winning the Nobel Prize for Peace felt like a personal victory to many of us fighting for the rights of girls everywhere.  The fact that Kailash Satyarthi who fights for children's rights in India shared the Nobel with her, made this victory even more special for those of us fighting for the rights of girls in India. 

However, while we admire Malala's resolve to fight for peace and girls rights to education, our campaign blog post this month is on a question that has been bothering us for a while now.  Increasingly there are reports of rapes and lethal sexual assaults on girls in schools in India or on their way to school. It has created an environment of fear and terror for parents and students.   Is it possible for girls to get an education if schools are unsafe place for girls?Doesn't adult society owe every little girl like Malala a safe environment to study in?

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Campaign Director Rita Banerji explains below 'Why we have to talk safety before we can talk about educating girls in India'


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