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There is so much evil in the world, lies and manipulations, we do not need to exhonorate or uphold it. It is time people, citizens uphold truth, justice and the Honest way to do things. Our God would never be equaled to such despicable ways as this person has demonstrated. It is Time for all good people to come to the aid of the "right" - stand up for the RIGHT in life. We need to encourage our children and young people there is a price to pay for evil = and REALIZE the majority will NOT TOLERATE it --------in print, nor in word of mouth nor in action ! My efforts in my life have always been to support the Good that our God stands for! ERIC FEIGN how DARE you challenge our are not and NEVER will be a worthy person of the Lord.....Fall on your knees and repent and truly ask for forgiveness, if you think you have followers----think again ! No one needs you---let alone to lead us as a god???!! Your evilness is not accepted, you have destroyed families and friends----we want you off ANY social media due to your sick attitude towards life !...Barbara Ann Prince

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