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Zuma, the ANC and the Plunder of the Republic

* It is a historical tragedy that today after a long and historic struggle that a organization like the ANC has a king who can run roughshod over it. Jacob Zuma in all his shenanigans has made obvious that the ANC which once had leaders who could change history are now just straw men and paper tigers who bark without the power to bite or throw off the shackles and muzzles that the king has placed on them. On wonders how can they govern if they cannot even keep their grubby president in check as limps from one unsavory incident to another. Where is the nobility and strength in the ANC .. what went wrong and why has it fallen from the pinnacle of struggle a heroic down to the gutters. When a president bypasses his comrades, ministry and cabinet and runs to Russia to cut deals even as he is facing accusations of pilferage then questions must be asked by the party, the government and the people. If the ANC lacks the moral fibre or backbone or principle to stand up and ask the hard questions even of those within the party ranks then one has to ask does it have the capacity, moral legitimacy and will to govern our democracy. Jacob Zuma has spat in the face of the ANC and the people for so long one wonders what it would take for the party to awaken and stand up and be what it once was. Will it just lie in the dirt and be Zuma's lapdog and doormat that he wipes his feet on or will it reclaim the honourable position it once had. Any member who loves the ANC and the country would get rid of Zuma before he bankrupts the nation and take is all down the slippery slope to a banana republic. The ANC has a fiduciary duty to the Republic as was its oath to serve and by lying at Zumas feet, as a supine doormat, it betrays that duty to the people and walks down the road to treason and betrayal. Zuma must go and so must those who blindly defend him even as he rapes the Republic and impoverishes the people. South Africa is not Zuma's personal fiefdom where he can do as he chooses neither is it his personal wallet that he can take monies as he pleases with no accountability to anyone; South Africa belongs to the people and its time the ANC cadres realize that. Zuma must Go and go now and any money that he has acquired through the abuse of his office must be repatriated to the people.  http://mg.co.za/article/2014-09-25-jzs-secrete-nuke-stich-up?utm_source=Mail+%26+Guardian&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily+newsletter&utm_term=http%3A%2F%2Fmg.co.za%2Farticle%2F2014-09-25-jzs-secrete-nuke-stich-up

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