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Please help the west papuan people for freedom from oppression, feel free to post relating articles
Petition...We would like the Aust Govt to respond to the plea for help from the West Papuan People for assistance in free themselves from illegal occupation , annexation of their tribal lands through acts of terror, villification, murder, torture and rapes , assaults and mass killings/ Genocide that is currently being committed in West Papua and the media blanket that is in place to prevent the truth coming out about what atrocities have been occuring for the last 50 years. . It has been estimated that 300 000 West Papuans have vanished since Indonesian takeover..the takeover has been resisted continuosly since the Dutch de-colonised . A massive Freedom movement has evolved with the help of Benny Wenda who escaped into exile in the UK and has huge support internationally . West Papua people, poverty is widespread mining and deforestation not bring economic benefits to West Papuansd, the loss of homelands , political persecution including abductions, murders poisonings ,disappearances hit and run attacks , lack of adequate medical services and racial discrimination in areas of health, education and law issues sets the scene for civil unrest . West Papuan people are systematically being abused and the methods are a clear violation of human rights including flooding in 1 million javanese slum dwellers to WP which increased tensions and competition for employment. Dr Keyes Lagerberg was a Dutch Government official in Biak West Papua until the transfer of administration in 1962 (UNTEA). He was a friend of the West Papuan people. In his life he dedicated his time to raise the issue of West Papua in the Netherlands. and internationally with his book SCHULDIG ZWIJGEN (Guilty Silence).


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