I have a few gay/lesbian friends, who are some of the nicest people I know. They share more of my christian ideals than a lot of so-called 'christians' that I know. Now, this is not to mean that that example holds true in all cases, but what should hold true is the ideals christians live by. We cannot judge, we cannot elevate ourselves higher than the common citizen. In fact, we should serve the community if we want to be really precise. Yet this Family Research Council seems to forget this basic princepal of being a christian and is flinging their prejudice into the world. Child abuse is, if not less, then at least equal present in both same-sex couples and heterosexual couples. Countless studies have been done, yet the main obstacle for same-sex couples is what people 'think' may happen to the children, not what actually happens. Gov. Jindal has an actual chance to show he does not support the slurs this Council is trying to project as being what christians think. And for us Christians, who are proud of our religion and God, it is terrible to be lumped into the same category. People will continue to judge, even us since we are far from perfect, but now we have a chance to let others know we do not approve of this prejudice!

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