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Hebron Fund Annual Dinner November 18th in NYC

Join us for a 'feel-good' night of Jewish solidarity and pride! The Hebron Fund annual dinner is always one of the most unique experiences of the year and is sure to leave you recharged and inspired. Come and meet the people whose daily lives safeguard the city of Hebron, and whose spirit embodies the very best of Israel. Join us on November 18th, at the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York, for the Hebron Fund Annual Dinner.

You can participate in several ways:
1. The Facebook Discount! Contribute $180 per person or $300 per couple (can be two friends as well). If you would also like to volunteer, the prices are negotiable to a not-much-lower point (see #2).

2. The Volunteer Discount: Free! If you want to either a. help us out at the dinner or b. significantly help us out beforehand by making calls here at the Flatbush office or even on your own phone, or get people to donate, that would really help us out and we'd be happy to hook you up with the fine sumptuous dining at the Grand Hyatt or give you a discount on the plate, depending how much you help (it's a crazy high price per person).

Or, you can also help out the Hebron Fund without it even costing you a dime or more than a minute of your time.

Even if you can't make it to the dinner, or volunteer, or donate, just getting the word out about this event to people you think would want to come is greatly appreciated and could be your concrete contribution to helping strengthen the Jewish presence in the holy city of Hebron!

Be a part of Hebron today. Join in the spirit of this heroic community from wherever you sit right now- or by joining us in a show of solidarity November 18th.

With just a few 'clicks,' or a few minutes of your time, you can make all the difference to the heroic Jews who dedicate their lives everyday defending the holy city of our Forefathers, Hebron. (Trust me they all know about this dinner and it makes all the difference to them!)

Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=5910593881

Whatever you can do, thanks, and
ה' יברך אתכם
If you want to make a reservation or donate, please e-mail us at [email protected] or call 718 677 6886.

Thanks Ziva

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