Update #3 ·

​No more Red Sea! "Double signatures" operation

No more Red Sea! 

How is possible to kill Dolphins in this horrible way?
Come on my friends! Dolphins, our best aquatic friends, need our help right now!

"If you kill a Dolphin you kill one of us!" http://qr2.co/syjgz8v

We are very close to 25,000 signatures and we have to get 1 Million on our International Petition to save Dolphins in Japan.

We can even do more to stop Dolphins slaughters in Taiji cove. 

Please sign the Petition, if you have not already done and copy and paste this message on both yours and your friends walls:

"No more Red Sea. If you kill a Dolphin you kill one of us! http://qr2.co/syjgz8v We officially ask the Japanese Prime Minister and the Japanese Government to Stop Dolphins slaughter in Taiji cove now!"

Thank you!

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