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Dear Friends, The little county of San Benito California is in a David and Goliath struggle with the oil industry. The citizens of San Benito gathered signatures to put a fracking ban, Measure J, on the November ballot, and the response of people I spoke with during signature gathering was overwhelmingly in favor of protecting their precious water and agricultural lands. But the oil companies are now striking out with the full force of their economic might, flooding the TV and internet with confusion and lies about the initiative. The people can't afford to counter these oil industry lies with TV ads of their own, but a strong endorsement in favor of Measure J by a highly respected local business such as Earthbound Farm would help reestablish voters' confidence in the initiative. If Earthbound Farm's owners Drew and Myra Goodman really believe in the claims they make on their website, why aren't they coming out strongly in support of an initiative that would truly protect those values it claims to stand for? Please Urge Earthbound Farm founders and owners, and their new distribution partner, White Wave, to support Measure J. This measure is being seen by many as the test case that will determine whether California will be able to preserve its incredible beauty, integrity, and biodiversity – or will it get fracked? Please sign the petition, and share with your friends!

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