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Why do I support the campaign.

No one has the right to have somebody else’s life and health at one’s disposal in the name of science or so called higher purposes. Human is a higher being, endowed with higher consciousness. Human life is precious and unique. We don’t come into this world to gain material possessions, but to grow, to learn; to be able to reach the fullness of humanity, which means giving unconditional Love to everybody and serving the people around, without any exceptions. Without that human life is senseless and wasted.

Sri Swami Nityananda has come into this Word with such a purpose. His mission is to teach people, how to reveal again this True Love within. Because He is a realised being, knows his goal and what is important in life, all the forces of nature support and serve him. Searching for proofs of that in his body is callous, petty and simply silly. Everybody can reach the potential He has achieved, one only needs to realise the goal of one’s life.

If we let such a being like Swami Nityananda to be murdered – from whom thousands of people learn, how to love each other, what is really human life, what to do to leave one’s depression and discontentment behind, to begin enjoying the gift of life – what are we all worth of then? What are we afraid of? Who could do anything to us? Human is not only a body, but first of all human is an immortal soul. It is really impossible to murder anybody. And coming of such a being like Swami Nityananda to this world is a gift – the gift for Humanity – and it’s extremely rare. So let us not allow what is beautiful and true to be killed in favour of the egos of the doctors and the governments.
With Love Olejniczak Maria

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