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Ghirardelli to go Fair Trade?

Well, this is the news that I hoped to send you. But no, Ghirardelli has not gone Fair Trade ... Yet.

Global Exchange finally sat down with the Ghirardelli executive team to talk Fair Trade face-to-face. And it wasn’t only us at the table… over 15,000 people from around the world (including you) wrote to Ghirardelli telling the company to go Fair Trade. 

Ghirardelli believes that its internal system used to monitor the conditions under which their farmers work is adequate. But we know better.  

We know that only when Ghirardelli “puts the Fair Trade label on it” and are certified by a third party can we be guaranteed that cocoa grown and used in Ghirardelli’s “premium” chocolate is providing fair prices to farmers, providing farmers and their communities a social premium, an additional payment per ton of cocoa to be used for democratically determined communities development projects, ensuring that children go to school instead of work in the cocoa fields, and promoting environmentally sustainable farming practices.

Although Ghirardelli hasn’t agreed to go Fair Trade – yet; thanks to you, we have their attention

Now is the time to keep the pressure on!

With your support we’ll hold multiple actions at Ghirardelli shops in San Francisco, distribute logo jamming stickers, so activists can take action across the country and increase the campaign pressure! 

And we’ll continue to engage with the company executives, until they are convinced that Ghirardelli consumers want Ghirardelli to go Fair Trade.

Together we can make my subject line a reality.

Because all trade can (and should) be fair,

Carleen Pickard
Executive Director


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