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Esmeralda and her kids are being told they are a RISK to America's National Security. This is an absurd tactic to deny them bond, and to keep kids (10 & 13) locked up in a jail while they fight their asylum case.

Make a Call: Does Senator see Colorado family as a national security risk??

Sen. Bennet's office in Washington D.C.: 202-224-5852
Sen. Bennet's office in Denver: 303-455-7600

"Hi, I was calling to ask Sen. Bennet to take a stand for Esmeralda (A#202-072-718) and her two boys, 10 and 13. This Central American family fled El Salvador after the gangs threatened to murder all of them. This family is NOT a national security risk, as ICE is classifying them. I want the Senator to do something about these kids being held in detention for no reason.

Does the Senator think this Colorado family is a threat to American's national security?"



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