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Human RIghts Violation, Gross Violation of Medical Ethics on Swamiji
Please sign the Petition and STOP THE VIOLENCE on an ENLIGHTENED BEING!!

the media says: " He appeared before a team of doctors at Victoria hospital on Monday, but refused to cooperate citing a cardiac problem. After repeated attempts, the doctors recorded his statement in which he said he was unable to take the test as he was suffering from acute pain in the genitals, sources in the Police Department said. The doctors, it is learnt, offered a painkiller. However, he demanded that his cardiologist be summoned since he feared a cardiac arrest. Following this, the doctors could take only blood and urine samples. Police also recorded his statements in which he has said that he needed time to recover and be fit to undergo a Doppler test.
A senior police officer said, “We will approach the court to get permission to subject Nithyananda to the test again. "

This is WRONG! Please stop this !!

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