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Each year, it has been my privilege to share with our local school board highlights of Northwood High School’s award-winning arts program. I was present when this distinguished board funded Northwood’s $4.5 million arts wing renovation, hired leaders who are true champions of the arts, and continued to support CCS arts education when many programs across the country have been subjected to draconian cuts or outright program elimination.

The board's efforts have not only have been noted locally, but with the selection of Northwood High School as 1 of 5 NC schools named a Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts School of Excellence, their investments were among the deciding factors judges at the state level cited.

Gathering information thru the year about the tremendous accomplishments of these talented students and dedicated teachers reinforces anecdotally what the research tells us—the arts are vital assets for success in school, in the workplace, and in our communities. Just last week, there was exciting results announced from Northwestern University about the ability of sustained music instruction to actually impact the achievement gap.

Our students, our school and our community take great pride in this tremendous program. It's important to shine a light on their efforts.

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