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Here's the backstory: In February, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice assaulted his then-fiancée Janay in a hotel elevator.

Video from outside the elevator caught him dragging her body out of it--unconscious, which we now know was due to Rice's second punch knocking her head into a railing. On July 24th the NFL announced an appallingly short suspension for violating its personal conduct policy: Ray Rice would miss just two games.

But what we know now, is that Roger Goodell knew about the video from inside the elevator months ago. His office even received a copy of it. Goodell completely failed to take the NFL's investigation into the case seriously, even interviewing Janay with Rice present, against the recommended practice.

Roger Goodell's job is to protect the NFL's brand--and he's paid a whooping $44 million--more than double the highest paid player in the league-- for it.5 And he's shown he will go to great lengths for appearances, even if that means downplaying abuse. However, when his decision to suspend Ray Rice for a mere two games was strongly criticized by sports reporters, football fans, and over 100,000 UltraViolet and CREDO Action members, he was forced to draft a new policy to address domestic violence.

But with the news that Goodell either knew about or had seen this video previously, he has lost all credibility. The public has lost trust in him to enforce the new policy. Goodell's actions have enabled men who abuse--and cast doubt on the NFL's sincerity in condemning violence against women. He must resign immediately.

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