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Today is Internet Slowdown Day, and it's a big deal

Today is the Great Internet Slowdown. You may have noticed your favorite websites like Netflix, Upworthy, Foursquare are running slow today. 

Our friends at Fight for the Future have coordinated over 9,000 sites to join together to step up the awareness around net neutrality by slowing down their sites. Cable companies want to slow down and shut down your favorite sites, for profit.These slow downs could become reality if they get their way. We need to continue to fight for net neutrality. It may not be the sexiest term, net neutrality, but there are few parts of our lives that it won't impact. That's why today is so important.  

Join the over 25,000 calls have been made to Congress already this morning! It's easy, just call the US Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121, tell them your zip code, and they will connect you right to your representative's office!

Wondering what to say? The Fight for the Future campaign has a great call script that I just used here it is: 
“Hi, I live in ___ and I would like you to sign the Internet Freedom Letter, to tell the FCC to support Title II reclassification. If we don’t force the FCC to do Title II reclassification, America’s telecom companies can discriminate against the sites I love.”

Finally, remember to invite your friends to join the campaign for net neutrality!

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