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"The Home Run" - it is time to encourage the Singapore Government to Ban the Sale of Shark Fins Soup and Shark products.

The “Say No to Shark Fins” campaign in Singapore has been ongoing since 2002. In 2012, the two largest supermarket chains in Singapore, Cold Storage and NTUC, removed the sale of shark fin products. Over the last few years, the food and beverage outlets of several hotels including Resorts World Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, and the Shangri-la and Fairmont have also stopped the sale of shark fin soup. With your support in 2013 and 2014, Ocean Geographic have successfully lobbied to Singapore Airlines to stop accepting shark fins in their cargo.

It is time now for the Ultimate GOAL - Singapore, being one of the leading economies and the 2nd largest consumer of shark fins in the world, can do her part by declaring the country shark fin free.
We will now initiate the “I Vote for No Fins Singapore” campaign.
Please support this very important CAUSE by Signing this petition; your help is crucial.

Singapore is a modern, cosmopolitan city with immense influence over the rest of Asia. With Singapore taking the lead in setting an example for the rest of Asia to follow, we would be able to make a leap toward realizing the goal of keeping shark fins off the table and on the sharks where they belong. We need to keep sharks in the oceans and out of soup bowls. Balance and moderation are valued tenets of the traditional Chinese way of life. We can all take pride and honour in returning balance to our ecosystem by choosing to stop the sale of shark fins in Singapore. We ALL CAN HELP by Voting No Shark Fins Singapore. Kindly Sign this petition.
Thank you deeply from the Heart of the Ocean

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