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Did you know that young rodeo riders are at a higher risk of severe injury or death than athletes in any other sport? The International Goat Days Festival is endangering both animals and children by supporting junior rodeos.

A quote from the Tennessee Junior Rodeo Association's release form:
"UNDERSTAND that minor’s entry into the restricted area and/or participation in rodeo events contains DANGER AND RISK OF INJURY OR DEATH TO MINOR, that conditions of the rodeo arena change from tine to time and may become more hazardous, that rodeo animals are dangerous and unpredictable, and that there is INHERENT DANGER in rodeo which we each appreciate and voluntarily assume because the minor and we choose to do so. Each of the undersigned has observed events of the type that the minor seeks to participate in. We further understand that the arena surface, access ways or lack thereof, lighting or lack thereof, and weather conditions all change and pose a danger to the minor. We further understand that other contestants and participants pose a danger to the minor, but nevertheless, WE EACH VOLUNTARILY ELECT TO ACCEPT ALL RISKS connected with the minor’s entry into the restricted area and/or participation in any rodeo events."

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